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No longer will we let the powers that were dream for us.

OUR DREAM is a track about the recognition of our collective manifestation powers, a call to action and a gesture of appreciation to all those actively pursuing a collective dream of unity and peace. The dream is now OURS.


my feet are on the land and my fins are in the water, my wings are in the wind and a fire's in my heart a new dream has been envisioned, agreements have been given, to live this vivid dream until this dream is fully living, I ripped myself to pieces by the teeth of all my daemons, and bled the tears of death until I shed the fear of leaving but was risen from the dead by the rhythm of this season only reason that I lived is cuz I'm living for a reason.

my prior lives have designed me to deliver this opus, my assignment is to enliven with vociferous solace, edify revive and revitalize your sentient soul lets, unite our higher mind within this infinite moment. Switch the focus of our eyes and how we see, what seems like hopeless reality isn't really how it seems, our legions have been growing now our power is supreme and lucidity approaches now cuz this is our dream.

cuz this is our dream and we know it, see thru the illusion and receive your exultance, believe in the moment and proceed to play your role in the dream we have chosen, cuz this is our dream.

cuz this is our dream and we know it, release the confusion and feel into your soul as you believe in the moment proceed to play your role in the dream we have chosen, cuz this is our dream.

A golden age is upon us and this new dawn approaches with the grace of a goddess. This is our apotheosis. With an unwavering prowess we walk this razor with promise, waving the sabers of prophecy into the faces of darkness. Every being incarnate with a beating heart thats dedicated to the dream of being a part of redeeming positive change is congregating in spirit, spear- heading a march into the mainstream to kiss these corpses with the breath of God until they have awakened.

This song is for the conscious authors of our destiny, Great Spirit in the flesh manifesting this collective dream, this is for the knowers, space holders and way showers, white wizards and witches and violet flame growers, this is for the vision seekers, indigenous wisdom keepers and musician magicians that spread their gifts thru the speakers. For the sovereign litigators practicing natural law putting their ass on the line to get us back what is ours. To all the prophets and channels, all the dolphins and whales, ayahuasqueros and shaman sharing their hearts and their prayers. To all the spiritual economists, spirit scientists, animals, permaculturists, bio dynamic farmers and plants. Zero point energy advocates on a quest for the fringes, this is for all our extra terrestrial kinship, for the whistleblowers spitting truth into the eye of the wicked, were screaming this is OUR DREAM and now is time when we LIVE IT!


released January 15, 2015
music by Atyya, hip hop remix by Patrick Haize




Patrick Haize Sedona, Arizona

Patrick Haize is a Visionary Noise Alien whose mission is to create and deliver giggly fractals of inspiring wake up juice for thirsty auras everywhere. Come dip your ears in these spiral vortices, their guaranteed to dilate all your pupils.... regardless of your species. ... more

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